Saturday, April 2, 2011

The vines are winning

My flower seedlings from March 19th and the 26th have defied logic.  Or at least my logic.  Two six packs of the same flower, same seedstarting mix, same water, same location and one fully germinated and the other didn't.  Go figure.

Here are all the day 12 seedlings:

Cosmos: Cosmic Orange (7-10d) and Bright Lights Mix (7-10d)
Coreopsis: Mardi Gras (15-20d) and Thunbergia: Spanish Eyes Mix (7-21d) 

Morning Glory Flying Saucer (7-21d)
Nasturtiums:  Gleam Mix (4-14d)
Pansy Swiss Giant sowed without stratification 3/19

Minalobata: Spanish Flag (10-15d) not yet germinated
Morning Glory: Picotee Blue (10-15d)

MG Heavenly Blue  (7-21d) and a few Empress of India Nasturtiums

Day 7 after stratification and sowing:

Pansy: Swiss Giant Blend (10-20d) and Violas Amber Jewels (7-10d) 

Despite my inexperience many of the flowers sprouted.  I was expecting that it would take a lot longer for the vines to get so tall.  They can't go outside for another month so I may have a situation.   If they misbehave it is out into the cold frame whether they like it or not.  Meanwhile, tender veggies are hanging out on heating mats.

Day 7 pepper and tomato seedlings

Sowing Basil and Fennel tonight to keep the pepper and tomato seedlings company until May indooors.

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  1. Hi! I just saw you were following my blog. I love your seedlings. I am new to all this gardening stuff...I will be following you too:) Nice "meeting" you:)